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The city administration withdraws the ground areas rented at the mayoralty

the City administration has decided to open for journey of cars a lane of Plehanova from the prospectus   Lenin to   Soviet. According to the decision of the mayor of Tomsk Nikolay Nikolajchuka, the ground areas which were in rent at businessmen and objects of real estate, issued by them in the property, will be withdrawn for municipal needs according to the law.

In the property businessmen in this territory have 6 capital structures. About withdrawal proprietors of trading objects have received notification messages in the autumn of 2010 Under the law from the date of the notification message to businessmen year on decision-making on signing of the agreement on ground area withdrawal is given.

Each proprietor estimates the object in 5 - 7 million roubles, in a total sum it about 40 million. Such money now in the budget is not present, therefore the mayoralty   offers variants of an exchange of structures on the ground areas, the law it allows. But to pick up sites which would suit proprietors, it is difficult. As some of owners of pavilions essentially do not agree an exchange.

After end of all procedures, on a place of trading pavilions in a lane of Plehanova it will be opened driving a part, parkings are equipped and the accomplishment of all territory is spent. It will allow to make entrances to hostel, office buildings and the apartment houses located in this area, it is much more convenient