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Kondrashov it is dissatisfied with work of department of transport of Nizhni Novgorod

Marking on many city roads is not present, for work of public transport of the complaint are strewed in large quantities - the head of administration of Nizhni Novgorod Oleg Kondrashov at operative meeting today, on August, 8th, has shown discontent with work of department of transport and mayoralty communication.

- At me it is a lot of claims to work of department of transport, - Oleg Kondrashov admitted to journalists after operativki. - the weight of complaints from inhabitants for public transport work is a lot of questions on a marking. In minibuses passengers meet rudeness, a dirt, carriers do not observe the established intervals of movement. In the near future I intend to work seriously with department.

According to Oleg Kondrashova, even on those roads where a marking have put in the beginning of summer, it any more does not remain. And there are roads or sites where it and was not.

- For marking drawing it is allocated more than 8 million Roubles. 70 % of this sum are already spent, and the marking is not present. I have given the commission kontrolno - to auditing management to understand, why so occurs, what paint use for drawing on asphalt if through three - four months from it does not remain also a trace!   - Kondrashov was indignant. - In a month the marking on asphalt should be, and on those roads where it will not be, there should be the permission of traffic police releasing administrations from its drawing!