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In the Astrakhan region the four-year kid has died from a sting beshennoj dogs

On the four-year boy an animal has attacked some days ago. The sheep-dog has snatched on small astrahantsa when he played near to the house in settlement of Harabalinsky area. Adults though could pull out the victim from a mouth of a furious animal, but behind the help to physicians at once were not converted. Only after couple of days when wounds have started to swell up, and     at the boy the strong temperature has risen, parents have called first aid. Having seen the patient, doctors have started to sound alarm. It became clear that a dog   suffers affliction furiousness.

- Unfortunately, all measures taken by physicians have not brought result. The day before the boy has died in hospital. If behind the help were converted earlier the kid could be rescued. It not a single instance when astrahantsy suffer affliction from stings beshennyh animals. This year it is already registered three similar facts. And as the most adverse are considered Harabalinsky,   Krasnoyarsk, Enotaevsky, Chernojarsky and Volodarsky area areas, - have informed in region administration.