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Bank accounts Beljatsky has given out not only Lithuania, but also Poland

just Polish edition Wprost has informed that on official channels Poland was left by the information on bank accounts of the legal expert Alesya Beljatsky.

- we had a suspicion that have passed the information on an abacus not only from Lithuania, but also from Poland in the end of last week. Till today there was no official acknowledgement. Session in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Poland on which it officially declared today has taken place, - has told «» the legal expert Tatyana Revjako. - We do not know the sum, we do not know, a leah of one abacus. We do not have such exact information. The information has been given out by the Polish State Office of Public Prosecutor on June, 27th. 16 persons concern Beljatsky and more. Worst of all that was already known at this time that Lithuania has given out bills. And we have informed the foreign states that the similar information is not has left on it.

we Will remind, Beljatsky have detained on August, 4th. To it threatens till seven years of imprisonment with confiscation. The Lithuanian officials have told that Belarus has applied about legal aid on February, 2nd this year. On March, 28th the answer has been sent Belarus.

From - for that that official Minsk on the basis of this information has detained known not only in Belarus, but also in the world of the legal expert, Lithuania has temporarily suspended the mechanism of rendering of legal aid.

- the Position of the Ministry of Justice of Lithuania and the Lithuanian state is that: we consider unacceptable that the legal aid mechanism under the contract between Lithuania and Belarus has been used in extralegal, political ends, - has told BelaPAN of the deputy minister of justice of Lithuania Thomas Vajtkjavichjus.