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Over Kazan the windfall

On a broader scale - that a meteoric stream &ndash will spill; the phenomenon usual. But very much the bewitching! If to speak words of scientists,   a stream « it is formed as a result of passage of the Earth through a congestion of the dust particles which have been let out by a comet of Swift — Tuttlja which is rodonachalnitsej a meteoric stream of Perseid ».

but for the majority of people it is simple – a windfall. This year he promises to be especially beautiful. Such considerable quantity of stars flying from the sky, happens once in some decades.

- the strongest « a rain » it is possible to observe in the night from 12 for August, 13th and absolutely unessentially to search telescopes, here the main patience and endurance, - has explained «» the senior research assistant of stand of an astrology and space geodesy KFU of Almaz Galleev. – Is better to look, of course, at a meteoric shower where - nibud on the nature, in a city it is a lot of sanctification, and stars love dark night.

So that go for a city and wait midnight. Only think in advance of the desires.   to have time to say at once   a little – on all falling stars.