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For struggle against a street lawlessness the British authorities can involve army

the Authorities of Great Britain do not exclude attraction of army for struggle against street disorders. It, however, will occur only in emergency. For now police squads an aggregate number of 16 thousand persons will continue to patrol streets of London. Such statement was made today by the British prime minister David Cameron at a parliament extraordinary session. That occurs in the British capital these minutes, has told the correspondent from Russian service Bi - bi - si Katerina Arharova.

- That the prime minister - the minister has still noticed that courts very effectively worked, they worked round the clock. Because they should pass very much a considerable quantity of arrested persons. Who such these arrested persons? There absolutely different age there were people, though basically, of course, teenagers. To the most younger 11 years were hardly executed. Yesterday I saw London in the newspaper that any thirty-year teacher too in marauding has been noticed and before court has appeared.

the Overwhelming majority of defendants admit guilty. How events developed at last night, night has passed easy, in many respects from - that very much a police considerable quantity now in streets not only in London, but also in Birmingham, and in other cities where there were disorders. Weather because torrential rains have begun just yesterday late at night has and more helped.

we Will remind, street disorders in London have begun on August, 6th. Four persons became their victims, nearby 130 have got wounds. The police has arrested almost 900 persons in London and more more than 500 in other cities of the country.