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Near Tambov 45 persons have poisoned with salads from - that the cook has not washed up a hand

« already wrote that inhabitants of settlement the Builder bought up ready meal in a local supermarket. Having tried it, 45 persons hospitalised with the diagnosis an intestinal intoxication. From them five -   children at the age from 4 till 14 years (read more in detail « In Tambov from a supermarket 45 persons » have poisoned with ready meal already; ).

Shop where produced ready meal, have closed for 35 days. Enterprise check on August, 3rd has begun.   researches have shown that salmonella DNA in products is not present. An intestinal infection have found out only in ready meal (salads).

In shop 10 cooks work. Once in half a year they pass medical examination. Last time were checked in May. Their status satisfactory.

After a blood sampling on the analysis at cooks and sellers of shop, it has appeared that the employee is infected by a salmonellosis about one month.

- the Cook cut salad not washed up hands. Thus, has broken contract requirements. Probably, the woman knew, but hid illness. Under other version, she could and not suspect that has picked up this infection. It will understand employees of Office of Public Prosecutor and inspectors, - the general director of a supermarket Dmitry Tolstyh has told. - we supervise quality of production, a state of health of employees not to burn twice. To all diseased we will pay indemnification at a rate of 25000 roubles. 12 persons have already received it.