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Ulyanovsk Volga - a double has not resisted before Spartakom

In this duel in internal opposition the leader of tournament and one of outsiders of superiority of the country have converged. After all before accounting tour « Spartak » having beaten on the home field « the Metallurgist » from Vyksa with the bill 3:1, has headed zone standings « Privolzhe » and the Ulyanovsk command, on the contrary, falls all more low and more low, having come already to a penultimate, twelfth position.

However, on a football ground of so notable difference in a class first it was not felt. In the first time game was almost equal, as have confirmed figures on a board zavolzhskogo stadium « Start » - 0:0. But here the second time the Ulyanovsk double, unfortunately, has completely ruined. Visitors from capital of Republic of Mary El have opened the bill on exod 54 - j minutes – Glushkov has caused a stir. In the middle of second half of meeting the same football player « Spartaka » has doubled advantage of the command. And ten minutes prior to a final whistle the total bill was established by other player is red - white Rudalev. Thus, « Spartak » has won at « Volga - a double » with the large bill 3:0.

Unfortunately, this match the Ulyanovsk fans of football have visited very few.