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The attack on the Ministry of Defence of Estonia - as it was

On Thursday on August, 11th after a dinner Estonia sensational news &ndash shocked; someone whether has attacked, whether even has grasped the country Ministry of Defence.

More than three hours the country watched events. After all it not a joke, the Minister of Defence   is in the centre of Tallinn.

On a broader scale - that many inhabitants of Estonia conceived work of the ministry a little with humour after well-known Mart Laar became its head. Especially after its statements about readiness to reflect any attacks from Russia.

So, events developed as follows.

About 15 hours speaking on - russki the armed man has run in the Ministry building, and then shots, and a little later and small explosions were distributed.

Subsequently it was found out that the rushed used a smoke candle and thunder flashes.

the ministry Personnel has been evacuated, and the building has been surrounded.

Since 16 hours the police has undertaken some attempts to enter into a building. The situation became complicated that, under some messages, the terrorist has grasped hostages.

police snipers and two brigades of sappers have been involved In attacks. There was at hand even a robot - the sapper whom have started in a ministry building.

Nearby 17:30 the police has informed that the criminal is detained.

Nevertheless, intensity did not fall down, the building was run in by new groups of the armed policemen.

the Little the communique later has arrived that the criminal is shot, and a situation completely under control.