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New economic sanctions from the USA: Americans cannot work with four Belarus enterprises

- As a result of the taken measures today citizens of the USA are forbidden to participate in commercial or financial transactions with these companies, and their any possible actives under jurisdiction of the USA are frozen, - is told in circulation managements on control over foreign actives (UKIA) the Ministry of Finance of the USA.

It is a question of the Belarus enterprises « Naftan » « Grodno Nitrogen » « Grodno the Man-made fiber » and « Belshina ». As the American officials in the message underline, all four enterprises are supervised by concern « Belneftehim ».

we Will remind, UKIA for the first time has entered sanctions in the relation « Belneftehima » to execute the decision of the American government in November, 2007. As informs BelaPAN then the decision concerned « Persons and the enterprises participating in blasting of democratic processes or institutes in Belarus ».

In September, 2008 the Ministry of Finance of the USA on half a year has softened economic sanctions concerning Open Society « Lakokraska » and « Polotsk - Fiber glass » a part « Belneftehim ». Then action of this decision some times lasted. But on January, 31st, 2010 the US State department declared expansion of visa sanctions concerning the Belarus officials and renewal of sanctions concerning Open Society « Lakokraska » and « Polotsk - Fiber glass ». So in the USA have reacted to demonstration dispersal in Minsk on December, 19th and arrests of its participants.