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the East has crushed Bashkir Salavat

At stadium « Avant-guard » the Vladivostok command on a speedway « the East » has measured swords with the Bashkir racers from club « Salavat ». We will remind that it already the second house race within the limits of the championship of Russia on a speedway. Last time, « the East » has won unconditional victory with the bill 66:24.

the Second meeting has ended for racers from Bashkiria with hardly with less devastating bill – 60:28.

right at the beginning, « Salavat » even, in spite of the fact that has lost first four arrivals, on points nenamnogo lagged behind the rivals – 15:9. Well and, having defeated the fifth arrival and having reduced the bill till 17:13, the beginning even to seem that Bashkirs gradually escape forward.

But then at « Salavat » As if the bad luck strip would begin, up to the thirteenth arrival the Bashkir command could not win any race. And in tenth that racers « Salavat » have put on not those helmets in which should act that is infringement of rules, both motorcyclists have been disqualified, and victory has automatically been included to the command from Vladivostok.

It is necessary to notice that at these competitions at away team many errors and defects, have been made from - for their bad organisation. For example, in an arsenal the Bashkir was not green nashlemnika to equip on start of the joker.

When after the thirteenth arrival of an abacus became 54:22, « the East » has decided to expose the juniors what so to say to try them in business. But, in spite of the fact that young racers have proved to be quite adequately, this arrival have defeated salavatovtsy, and the bill became 55:27.

However, it there was last victory « Salavat » and in final fifteenth arrival the Vladivostok command has again crushed the rivals. A total bill – 60:29! Gallant « the East » the city knowingly is proud of the command on a speedway!

From our racers especially it is necessary to allocate Grigory Lagutu and Maxim Bogdanova, well and at the Bashkir, perhaps,   good driving have shown Simeon Vlasov and the Novel Kashirin.