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In Moscow the official is detained - the bribe taker

In capital is detained the leading expert of Management of garage building and development of underground space of Department dorozhno - bridge and engineering building of the Government of Moscow Valery Vladimirovich Galuha. It was developed by field investigators of Department of economic security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. They have detained the official at the moment of reception of illegal monetary compensation at a rate of 2,2 million roubles.   concerning Valery Galuha criminal case to signs of the crime provided by article " is brought; swindle .

Inspectors have established that the official extorted money resources from heads of the commercial organisation which carried out the state order on building of object of power supply of a housing estate in territory of Moscow.

- In this case the order of payment of the executed works provides opening of a so-called title on which basis money resources from the budget are listed to the contractor, - have informed in DEB Russia. - but knowing that titles for the given building company are already opened, Valery Galuha began to demand from heads of firm monetary compensation for ostensibly the rendered assistance. In default the official threatened to suspend passage of documents to Department of economic policy and a development of the city of Moscow that would lead to blocking of transfer of money resources.

Transfer of money passed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia under control of field investigators DEB. After reception of 2,2 million roubles of Galuha has been caught in an office office red-handed. Inspectors establish accomplices of Galuhi among officials of the City government of Moscow.