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The Petersburg blogger has had hair cut under a zero, protesting against dedovshchiny in army

Today on April, 1st, in Day of laughter the appeal begins. But to guys at the age from 18 till 27 years, and to their parents not to fun. After all this time it is necessary for military registration and enlistment offices to type 25 thousand persons. And here in last appeal and five thousand it was not possible to mobilise.

Petersburg blogger Sergey Glushkov is not going to go to army, but the first day of an appeal has decided to note rather in an original way. It has organised the action Has had hair cut - has repaid a debt to the native land . Sergey has had hair cut under a zero and at once felt the recruit. However, blogeru the professional hairdresser has helped. All from outside looked as in salon. The special cape, the machine for a hairstyle, a brush to shake otstrizhennye hair. Original show has passed this morning on Small Konjushennoj. The blessing shone the spring sun and the recruit has not frozen with a new hairstyle. The action essence is simple:   Hair - the only thing than it is ready to offer for the sake of modern army.

Sergey Glushko`s First sensations: As - that vetrenno! . A photo gallery with   a postthreshing barn.  
a photo: Katerina FILIPPOVA
- I want to draw attention of the public to problems which exist in the Russian army, - have told Sergey Glushkov. - By results of poll, more   half of recruits do not want to go to minister. Not from - that wars, they against dedovshchiny are afraid, of not authorised relations in armed forces. I for army, but for professional army. I against now at us am.

Sergey believes that when people will reflect on importance of changes in army system, all will be adjusted.

Some years ago it has opened socially - a useful blog the Help to recruits . On a page the guys serving come, share the problems. In the same place, lawyers help them, prompt how to behave in uneasy situations.

- My friend in 2008 has gone to minister, - Sergey remembers. - it have distributed to the Voronezh region where it and has faced all delights the private soldier. Thought, of course, of desertion, but has overcome itself and dosluzhil. After that I also have opened a blog.



  Look the Photo gallery with   a postthreshing barn.