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The Ukrainian priest is detained for larceny

Almost two years the Ukrainian inspectors struggled with business about plunder of icons,   crosses and other valuable church accessories from Pokrovsk church Konotopsko - Gluhovsky archdiocese UPTS of MT (the Sumy area), have not come to a conclusion yet that the unknown thief - the prior of church, protopope M

Employees of Office of Public Prosecutor have approached to investigation seriously. Theft has occurred even in the autumn of 2008, since then inspectors have done a lot of work: the chairman of village council, other possible witnesses have been interrogated many church-goers and workers of church. The copies of icons left in church instead of original, have been subjected strict expert examination: it was necessary to find out, when and on what equipment them have made. And when communications of the prior with antiquaries and buyers of values were found out, last doubts have disappeared. The thief who has cleared church - the priest.

Now in the relation already the former protopope criminal case is brought. During interrogation he recognised the fault and has told, how stole from own church of an icon and other values.

Soon the prior of a temple should appear before court and to be responsible for a crime, passes unian referring to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Sumy area.