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In a Krasnoyarsk supermarket militiamen for a day have detained the lover of coffee

In Krasnoyarsk supermarkets have detained three pilferers. The most original - have caught in new the Commodore in the street Novosibirsk. In shop the woman has typed some different packings and banok from coffee and has put by them under a jacket. And has then gone to an exit. Banok with a fragrant drink 35 - the summer woman has typed on 1700 roubles. Sellers have noticed too approximated the customer also have called militia. Employees of private security have appeared in time to shop through pair minutes and have detained the lover of coffee. The woman in all admitted, and now to it threatens till two years of prison.

- detention for thefts in supermarkets - for our employees business habitual enough - have explained in a press - group of Management of private security at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on edge. - though that thefts in shops have stopped, their management needs to observe some simple rules: Modern system of video observation, vigilant security guards and the button of an emergency call of private security squads.