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Tigipko not against to stand in mayors of Kiev

Eks - the candidate for presidents of Ukraine, nowadays vitse - the prime minister in the new government of the country Sergey Tigipko does not exclude that will stand on fast of the mayor of Kiev.

we Will remind, the new Ukrainian authorities threatened time and again capital town governor Leonid Chernovetsky with early election for unsatisfactory work of the Kiev city administration.

On air a current - show on the Ukrainian TV channel Inter Sergey Tigipko has told that now the government of Ukraine pays much attention to putting in order in Kiev and will try to help inhabitants of Kiev .

you now will see also roads which will be actively under repair, and garbage which has already actively started to be taken out and it will be even better to be taken out, and so on. The government will attentively watch it - has declared vitse - the prime minister.

On a question of participants of the program, a leah he will stand on fast of the mayor of capital in case of early election, Sergey Tigipko has let know that it does not exclude such possibility.

If elections begin - there we will look - quotes unian words the bronze prize-winner the Ukrainian presidential race.