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For the first time in Kazan court enforcement officers have fined mobile operators for refusal to divulge number

Bespretsendentnaja judicial suit has come to the end in capital. The correctness in various instances otstavivali representatives at once two mobile operators and the police officer of the Kirov area. It has fined the cellular companies that they have refused to give out its number dolzhnitsy, and they have disagreed with it.

-   They referred to the law on which court enforcement officers, ostensibly are not included into the list of those to whom they are obliged to give the similar information, the court enforcement officer on search of debtors and their property   makes comments on a situation; the Kirov area Ravshan Karimov. - Also referred to the law on personal data, on the law on communication. For me it was principle business. Now, when we have put an end in this business, and they have paid the penalty, I think, will instantly give us the similar information.

the Conflict between the police officer and operators has occurred   from - for the inhabitant of the Moscow area of Kazan Natali P. S of street Kolomna it has moved on other apartment, and a debt for using stationary phone before the company the Teleset has not found time to extinguish. The question price - 2,5 thousand roubles.

-   It can be even did not know that behind it the debt is registered, and we simply could not find it, - tells Ravshan Karimov. - Officially it anywhere does not work, on any bases - does not pass. Here also we were converted into the cellular companies. And they even did not begin to understand, we will not give also all. Recently, after one of courts to me the representative of MTS has told that it at all is not their subscriber, and that, the pier was easier in due time it to give me such answer - and the red tape judicial could be avoided.

the Subscriber of what cellular company is dolzhnitsa Natalia P have not found out till now. But it all - taki has extinguished the debt. More precisely, for it it was made by the owner of the car which he has bought from it by proxy. About dolzhke to it employees of traffic police declared. They have punched the car on base when it has arrived to strike it off the register.    

- In total on this business we had already 4 courts. The first   - in December 2009 - go year in Kirovsk area. Cellular operators have appealed against against the penalty which I on them have imposed. They have won. Then I have appealed against against this decision in the Sovereign court. Business have sent on repeated consideration in the Kirov area. Here again already I have won victory. MTS have obliged to pay   15 thousand roubles, and the Megaphone - 20 thousand. Operators tried to protest this decision in the Sovereign court, but it   have left without changes. As a result one of these days on our bill all of them - taki have listed the penalty sum.