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Two schizophrenics who have run away from the Voronezh clinic, have caught, and oligofrena - while is not present

we Will remind, the first of a clinic on February, 16th   has run away 37 - the summer man sick   a schizophrenia. That day   it have translated in the general chamber. It has easy exposed glass, has jumped off from the second floor and was that. The second -   19 - summer oligofren -   has solved   to jerk on freedom   on February, 21st, too from the general chamber. It left a premise during time peresmenki hospital attendants. The third, 35 - the summer schizophrenic has run away on February, 26th. When the hospital attendant has left, he has gone out of doors and   has jumped through a fence.

- Two schizophrenics we have found, - Nikolay MAKAROV, the inspector Ramonsky MSO tells SOU SKP the Russian Federation on area. - One of them has gone to itself home to Verhnehavsky area. And another hid near to a clinic. At his mother the house in one of   was empty; villages of Ramonsky area. Third we continue to search. It is known that the house, in Bobrovsky area, is not present it.

Now fugitives have placed in observant chambers, whence   to run away it is almost unreal. One of them admitted that has missed relatives therefore has left. And the second has explained the   an act desire to work. It even   was arranged to chop firewood and help on an economy with village. However, for a short while...