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The school which has suffered from explosion in Kizlyar will repair on money from reserve fund of the president

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has disposed to allocate from reserve fund of the president of means for repair of the school hurt by explosion in the Dagestan Kizlyar.

On it on Thursday has informed a press - the secretary of the Russian leader Natalia Timakova.

we Will remind, in the Dagestan city of Kizlyar two acts of terrorism are on Wednesday morning made. The first explosion has thundered near to school in the street Moscow. Has blown up stuffed with an explosive the Field which police officers have stopped for check of documents at the people who were in salon. The second, in 35 minutes, - among the states of emergency which have gathered on a place of militiamen. The condemned man in militian kitele has put in action an explosive.

As a result of two acts of terrorism in Kizlyar 12 persons, among them chief OVD Vitaly Vedernikov were lost. 29 more - have got wounds of various severity level.

Capacity of the first explosive, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, has made more than 50 kgs in a trotyl equivalent. On an explosion place the funnel in diameter of 4,5 metres and depth of 1,5 metres was formed, passes RIA Novosti news agency. The school building has received serious damages. Fortunately, last day school vacation, there was not children.

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