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Vegetables and fruit in tents rise in price

Now to the Belarus businessmen it is necessary to rent places in the sun at the city authorities. So, tent with fruit   where you want you will not put. Each place should be co-ordinated with executive committee, to buy the right of rent from auction. From - for it tents in some microdistricts it became already notable less.

- Some from - for new payments on a broader scale have refused this business. And the Mingorispolkom has reduced quantity of tents: not everywhere have allowed them to put. Percent on 10 became points at each owner less, - businessman Anatoly has told to us.
the recommended size of a rent for 1 sq. m - five base sizes a month (175 thousand roubles). Really for one tent pay on 10 c.u. (27 thousand roubles) a day. Total to one owner for 6 tents for 3 days manage almost in a half-million of roubles. Naturally, the prices for the tent goods already have spread upwards

- Payment have entered since April, 1st. Already today in comparison with March, 31st vegetables and fruit at us have risen in price, and will gradually rise in price and further that buyers did not have a shock. Cucumbers cost 8600, today already on 9900, tomatoes were on 8500, today already on 9 000, apples were on 3300, today on 3700. Oranges and bananas remained in the former price, - has told to us the seller of one of fruit tents.
but not in all tents such situation is observed. Some businessmen have agreed for copeck not to raise the price list in hope of indulgence of the authorities.

- we have written the letter to Mingorispolkom that rent at us the highest, and trade becomes unprofitable, - the owner 6 - ti capital tents has told. - officials have promised to us this month to lower payment on 20 %. And as will be further - we will look. While we did not increase the extra charge by vegetables and fruit. But all the same the Belarus tomatoes and cucumbers have risen in price, because have raised the prices vegetable factories in connection with the raised demand. And if rent remains high, it is necessary to raise the prices still.


- At present   have redeemed 270 platforms under vegetable trays. The budget of Minsk from sale in rent of places under vegetable trays has received Br2,5 billion This work Mingorispolkom will spend and further. Any platform will be given only from auction, -   Oleg Tabanjuhov on a press - conferences in Mingorispolkom quotes BELTA the message of the vice-president of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies.

- the Mingorispolkom has confirmed a limiting maximum holiday money and street prices on the Belarus potato, cabbage, a beet, carrots and an onion of a crop of 2009. The prices will grow in admissible limits, - the vice-president of committee of economy of Mingorispolkom - the head of department of a price policy Joseph Rachitsky has calmed. - On the import goods the notification message mechanism about change of the prices is not provided.