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Dirigible balloons over Petersburg will not fly

Recently Petersburgers have pleased that soon there will be a new exotic entertainment - flights on a dirigible balloon. An unusual attraction, on hearings, the Kirishsky command « undertook to spend; the Trance - service » - it has returned recently from the World championship on aeronautics to France where has taken the fifth place. Have counted how much flight on one passenger - about five thousand roubles will cost.

to Contain a dirigible balloon nedeshevo. One uchebno - demonstration flight manages in 35 thousand. So the gain from driving of passengers was obviously not superfluous. But as it has appeared to do some flying in the sky on huge « to sausage » it will not turn out.

- the Idea very much is pleasant to me, - the president « has told; Federations of Aeronautics of Russia » across Leningrad region Yury Kolesnikov . - Only the matter is that transportation of passengers on a dirigible balloon is forbidden by the Russian legislation. And break we it we can not. And money for a dirigible balloon can be earned and other ways, advertising actions, for example.

- the Dirigible balloon is not an attraction. It is bought for scientifically - the research purposes. And even competitions are necessary to support only skill of pilots, - the head of Kirishsky representation « has explained ; aeronautics Federations in Russia » across Leningrad region Vladimir Sokolov . - Happens, when a dirigible balloon « costs » on a leash the pilot can show a cabin to people, but it only at its desire and is absolutely free. While money, except actually teplovizionnogo researches of a terrestrial surface, it is possible to earn only advertising. Driving of passengers at us only in plans and to obtain the licence, a leah we need hardly at president Medvedev about it the permission to ask. But we think of it.