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In Podgoritse will sum up an annual national stage of competition Cemex in the field of architecture

the International award in the field of architecture « Cemex » it is awarded already throughout 19 - ti years. However in territory of Montenegro competition on the most attractive projects in the field of civil building has started to pass only since 2007.

various projects during the current year apply For victory in several nominations: the foot bridge through the river Morach in capital, housing estate Rozino   in Budve, buildings of commercial and trading complexes in Podgoritse and other projects. Winners of a national stage of competition will present the architectural achievements on the world scene in the autumn of current year. In October in Mexico the final part of competition « will take place; Cemex » in which will participate both Montenegro designers and architects.

the Priority in competition « Cemex » It is given to projects in the field of housing construction. Special awards and honourable prizes award authors of projects who in the maximum degree consider requirements of people with the limited physical possibilities.