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In the Novgorod region the son killed the native father

the Family drama Small Vishera the Novgorod region was played past Sunday in a city. In the late evening in apartment in the street School noise was distributed. To neighbours it was clearly audible that men swear. They had appeared 71 - the summer father and 44 - the summer son. That became the quarrel reason, inspectors now find out. However during that moment to call militia has guessed nobody, having decided that relatives will understand.

And already after some minutes in apartment where sounds just reached, all has calmed down. Someone from neighbours all - taki has decided to check up conditions in apartment. Having called at a door, on a threshold there was a son, hands at it were in blood.

- the Man has put to the father some the knife wounds, - have told « in SKP across the Novgorod region. – from what that has died on the spot. During interrogation the arrested person has given grateful evidences.

the question on election concerning the suspect of a preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment is now solved. Criminal case investigation proceeds.