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The authorities of Lithuania have found replacement to the founder and the head of the Vilnius small theatre

the Well-known director Rimas Tuminas whom the last some years headed the Moscow and Vilnius theatres, any more will not be the head of the State small theatre of Lithuania created by it.

After a term of appointment of Tuminasa as the head of the State Vilnius small theatre, the culture Ministry declared competition on replacement of this post. However the well-known director did not participate in it.

the Winner of this competition became the theatre director of dance of Anzheliki Holinoj Greta Holina. It was confirmed with the minister of culture of Arunas Gjalunas.

According to the minister, Holina holds the opinion that it is not necessary to count only on stable guardianship from the state institutes, and it is necessary to involve and private means. Besides, Gjalunas has told, Holina has promised to continue cooperation with the founder of theatre Tuminasom and to invite young directors to work at theatre.

the Final decision concerning purpose of the head of the State Vilnius small theatre will be confirmed in 3 days, informs « the Lithuanian courier ».

Last five years this theatre were headed by its founder Tuminas who now also heads the Moscow State academic theatre of E.Vahtangova. The contract of Tuminasa with this well-known Moscow theatre is concluded till 2013.

the Vilnius small theatre has been based in 1990. In 1997 it has received the status of the state.