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Izhevchanam compensate expenses for vacation packages in children`s country camp

At working izhevchan there is a possibility partially to compensate expenses on vacation packages in summer country camp. Parents can receive the fixed sum confirmed by the Governmental order of republic - 4230 roubles. It exactly half of average cost of a vacation package.


- It is necessary to be converted to the employer. And to ask, that that has entered into the agreement with Management of education of Administration of Izhevsk, has given the demand for the child. And after the child has had a rest in a summer country recreation camp, it is necessary to give the report, - the adviser of Management of education of city Administration Andrey Nikitin has told . - Further already we list compensation at a rate of 4230 roubles on the bill of the employer, and it pays off with the worker.

parents will receive money within a week after giving of documents. Also will list them only in the event that the parent completely pays a vacation package in camp. On the vacation packages bought at reduced price indemnification does not extend. Today indemnification have already received about three thousand persons. 8,5 thousand more have submitted demands. In total management can partially pay 10,5 thousand rest Children.  

by the way

- Samples of documents whom it is necessary to fill and give in administration, the employer can receive on electronic mail, having called by in management of education to phone 51 - 33 - 45.

- Indemnification extends on the vacation packages calculated on rest of the child within 18 days.

- to the Child should be from 6,5 till 15 years inclusive.

education Management is to the address: street Bitter, 69.