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On a fire in the Novgorod region two persons

On a fire in settlement Equal Borovichsky area of the Novgorod region were lost two persons were lost. ABT it " News " have informed on Friday in regional management of the state fire service (UGPS).

In burnt down hozpostrojke field investigators have found out remains 16 - the summer pupil of local agrolycee N 10 Vladimirs Kobozeva and it 17 - the summer acquaintance, jobless Sergey Kalinina.

fire is fixed in 2. 05 Moscow time. In 2. 32 Moscow time the fire has been liquidated. The preliminary reason of fire experts name imprudence at smoking of one of victims.

according to UGPS, from the beginning of 2002 in the Novgorod region 1 you have been fixed 675 fires on which 141 persons was lost, more than 80 have got wounds, traumas and burns of various severity levels, 228 persons to field investigators managed to be rescued.

In comparison with the similar period of last year the amount of fires in region has increased almost on 200, however the death toll has decreased on 14.