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the Israeli army is resulted in a status of the raised readiness

railja Binjamin Ben - Eliezer has held on the given subject special army meeting W participation of the higher police officers and special services on which the decision on security initiation of special measures in the country and, first of all, in those areas of Israel which border on territories of Palestinian autonomy is accepted.

the Israeli authorities are disturbed by last threats from a management of radical movement HAMAS to revenge for actions of israelites in Gaza Strip. On Thursday evening helicopters of the Israeli Air Forces were let out by two rockets on a motor vehicle in a quarter Sheikh Raduan in the city of Gaza. In a motor vehicle there was a head of a military wing HAMAS " Azaddin al - Kasam " Mohammed Dejf.

Israelites assert that Dejf is killed. However Palestinians inform that it remained is live also his life out of danger though Dejf and is in a grave condition in hospital. Nevertheless, under the Palestinian data, two bodyguards of Dejfa which were in a motor vehicle are killed, and also wounded more than 35 civilians, including 10 children.

right after an event representatives of a management HAMAS have declared that will revenge israelites for a criminal conduct. In particular, the visible active worker of the organisation sheikh Ismail Abu - Shanav has specified that it is a question of grave crime, and that helicopters shot on a city just at the MOM when at the school located in immediate proximity from a scene lessons have ended and children came back home.

israelites already repeatedly tried to liquidate Mohammed Dejfa. They accuse the commander of participation in many acts of terrorism. And in so-called " black lists " the Israeli special services Mohammed Dejf was registered under one of the first numbers. It is considered 2 that Dejf personally produced bombs which then were used by suicide bombers.

Operations on arrests of Palestinians on the night of Friday have proceeded and on the West Bank of Jordan. In particular it is informed that around the Old city in Nablus the four Palestinians one of which is the high-ranking active worker of the organisation " are detained; Tanzim " Ashraf Sfadi.

In Hebron at a dawn on Friday as a result of firing the active worker HAMAS Mohammed Jarmur, refused to surrender to the Israeli military men who have surrounded the house in which it was is killed.

conditions in Hebron 2 very strained. On Thursday evening on adjoining a HWY city the motor vehicle in which were the Israeli and three children has been fired. All four have got wounds of various severity level. The monthly girl which status is estimated by physicians as AVG weight has ESP suffered.

The Given attack has called serious discontent among the settlers living in the Jewish quarter of Hebron and settlement Kirjat adjoining a city - Arba. The authorities are afraid of the next collisions of settlers with Arabs. The Israeli army divisions located in Hebron 2 are resulted in a status of the raised readiness.