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the Aircraft has struck blows to Sunzhensky area

the past days fighting aircraft has made 8 fighting departures in Sunzhensky area of Ingushetia, putting is rocket - bombing attacks to places of a possible arrangement of insurgents, pronikshih there from territory of Georgia. On it has informed " News " on Monday a source in power structures.

> " the purposes have been revealed in Assinsky gorge and on them have been put is rocket - bombing attacks " - has specified a source.

at the same time he has noticed that the data ABT new losses among insurgents did not arrive yet as the groups of gangsters found out from air were in the remote is mountain - woody district which for the present is not surveyed by search groups of army investigation and police officers ".

According to the republic Ingushetia Ministry of Internal Affairs, in spetsmeroprijatijah on destruction of the isolated rests of bandit group Abdul Malika in frontier areas W the Chechen Republic along with military men participate about thousand police officers and military men of internal troops.

the day before military men and militiamen have begun survey of Assinsky gorge and Arshty, Muzhichi inspected a passport system in settlements Dattyh. Boestolknoveny it has not been fixed. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs 2 have noticed that on administrative border of Ingushetia W the Chechen Republic motor transport movement till now is limited.