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this year 65 years from the date of arrival to the USSR " are executed; children of civil war " from Spain

this year 65 years from the date of arrival " are executed; children of civil war " from Spain in the USSR.

as has informed in interview " News " the director of the Spanish cultural CTR in Moscow Alberto Fernandez Arietta, W 1937 for 1939, during Civil war, from Spain has emigrated to the different countries more than 32 tys children at the age from 4 till 14 years. In the USSR during the period from March till September, 1937 it has been sent nearby 3 tys children from the provinces most suffered from war - Valencia and Astus.

Arietta has told that " children of war " have been distributed on 13 children`s homes in Ukraine, in Belarus and in Moscow suburbs.

in 1939 after the termination of civil war in Spain all children who are in other countries, have returned home. Children nurtured in the USSR, the Soviet government has not given to parents for the political reasons. The Soviet management has declared that " will not give of children in charge predatory frankisskogo a mode ".

In the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of 800 Spaniards have voluntary joined the ranks of Red army are there were political refugees who after the termination of civil war to Spain have arrived to Soviet Union, and those children, which beginnings at the right time of the Great Patriotic War have reached military age. On fields of battles 4EVER there were 207 Spaniards. W 1941 for 1950 of hunger, a typhus and a tuberculosis have died 215 more person. The director of the Spanish CTR has added that many Spaniards participating in war have been awarded by orders and medals for services in battle. Arietta has informed that in November, 2002 in Moscow in Victory Park the monument to the Spaniards who were lost during the Great Patriotic War will be already opened.

After Stalin`s death, during the period W 1956 for 1957, Alberto Fernandez Arietta has continued, home has returned about 60 percents of the Spaniards who have arrived in 1937 to Soviet Union. The others for various reasons/ WRK at the closed munitions factories, Russian families/ remained in the USSR.

according to the director of the Spanish CTR, for today in " Russia lives nearby 280 persons, and together with our children and grandsons Spanish zemljachestvo makes 1 tys 200 - 1 tys 300 persons ".

the Spanish government supports the Spaniards who have remained in Russia, giving them pensions and medicines. However, despite an origin, knowledge of language, customs and cultures, " children of war " in Spain are considered " strangers ".