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In the Eagle the film festival " has opened; the Russian province "

In the Eagle film festival opening " has taken place; the Russian province " accepted " relay race " at the Belgorod remedial film festival " the Stalker " which has come to the end the day before.

As the correspondent " passes; News " in the Eagle ten premieres are expected. Among them - being on hearing " the Heated Saturday " " the Diary of the kamikaze " " Secrets of palace revolutions " " Spartak and Kalashnikov ".

the known film actors which have Arrived in the Eagle Aristarch Lebanons, Sergey Shakurov, Larissa Luzhina, Elena Safonova, Zynaida Kirienko and Alexey Guskov on a press - conferences have declared that the film festival in the Eagle on a plan is similar on " weeks of films " in France. Actors hope that " orlovtsy are not similar on average poedatelej production American " Factories of dreams " and it is sugary - snotty Latin American selov.