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Today in Petersburg clinic it will be operated 5 - summer Veronica Berezniki with the amputated handle

on March, 6th to St.-Petersburg from Berezniki have left Svetlana Ogorodova and it 5 - a summer daughter of Veronichka Putilova. We will remind, from - for trifling operations on broken to a nose in the autumn of this year the babe has lost the left hand. Before departure with us mum of the suffered girl has communicated and has told about forthcoming operation.

- Doctors have told that operation is necessary very difficult: during surgical intervention the daughter should spend some hours on an operational table, -   Svetlana Ogorodova speaks. – Doctors sanitary - the practical centre of rehabilitation of invalids of G.Albrecht have told that the postoperative period will last not less than two months. So we will stay in Peter to May feasts. By this time the consequence on our business should terminate. No, home while we will arrive without the handle, at first it will be cosmetic operation. The new handle to us promise to make by the autumn.

Thanks to the publication in « about the tragedy which have occurred in this family, have learnt in Russia and abroad. Mum with a daughter, going on operation have met in Peter not indifferent to a misfortune 5 - summer Veronica, people. We sincerely wish the girl of health, and her mother of forces to consult with all complexities which have fallen to a lot of this family.



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