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In Pskov in the burnt down house the corpse 50 - the summer woman

is found out As have told « in investigatory department on the city of Pskov, on March, 6th employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have informed that after fire extinguishing in the private house along the street Early in Pskov they had been found out the scorched corpse of the woman. As there was it 50 - the summer mistress of the house.

in the Afternoon before, on March, 5th at 22 o`clock, in law enforcement bodies its neighbours who have informed have called that the house 23 along the street Early is captured by fire.

According to neighbours, the woman conducted last two years far not a secular way of life, and we will directly tell asotsialnyj: the saw, smoked, resulted in the house of strangers.

on March, 5th she, by tradition which have already developed at it, has got acquainted with the representative of a strong half of mankind and have invited to itself to a liqueur glass.

That has occurred between the man and zhenshchinojts, for certain it is not known yet, but the house has lighted up. And the strong half of mankind could escape (and is now hospitalised in city hospital), and here the hospitable mistress has burnt down.

the Reason of kindling of the house it is not established, appointed pozharo - technical research. The investigatory committee inspects.