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From now on at roman catholics quadragesima

at roman catholics will begin Today the period of preparation for a feast of Anastasis (Easter) - quadragesima begins, have informed BelTA in Rimsko - a latin church (RKTS) to Belarus.

quadragesima is always connected with abstention from participation in veseljah, from meat dishes and from alcohol. Especially strict fast is necessary on Ash wednesday and a Good Friday, but it is not obligatory, for example, for the small children feeding mums, sick.

In the first day of fast - Ash wednesday - in temples there passes a symbolical ceremonial posypanija goals ashes. The priest thus quotes the Gospels Marcan: Confess and believe in the Gospels or the Old testament: Ashes you and in ashes will come back . It symbolises, in particular, readiness of the person for a repentance.

On wards during fast pass rekollektsii - special days which are devoted God, a prayer, a reasoning over belief. Besides, according to canons, quadragesima, or the Paschal period is time when roman catholics at least time in a year should confess and prichastitsja.