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Work is, and the unemployment benefit goes

to reveal infringers and not to admit similar infringements, the centres of employment of the population have co-operated with law-enforcement bodies, Office of Public Prosecutor, bodies of social protection of the population, guardianship and guardianship bodies, with Pension fund branches, tax and other registration bodies, local governments.

As preventive measures employees carried out consultations for citizens and employers in the field of the legislation, the norms of the criminal legislation applied to citizens and employers, representing obviously false data on average earnings and labour relations.

last year in the Tyumen region 224 cases of reception by citizens of the unemployment benefit fraudulently are revealed:

        - concealment   the unemployed   the citizens receiving   The grant,   the fact   when   they     forfeit the right to the grant (197 cases);

        - concealment by citizens of the facts of employment (23 cases);

        - granting   fictitious   inquiries   about   wage   to a payment   (3 cases);

        - others   kinds   infringements   (1 case).

As have informed « in a press - service of regional department of employment of the population, on   to the fact   receptions   grants   on unemployment   fraudulently   law-enforcement bodies   it has been raised 4 criminal   affairs.

As a result of done   works in   the income   the federal budget it has been returned – 856 thousand roubles, including voluntary – 557 thousand roubles and 299 thousand   roubles – on a judgement.

In 2011 work on revealing of cases of reception of the unemployment benefit will be fraudulently continued.