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On Kuban the citizen of Estonia is suspected of murder of the newborn child

Criminal case raised in New Pokrovsk area of Krasnodar territory against 28 - summer   women who is suspected of murder of the newborn child.

It has appeared that the woman gave birth in house conditions and on the account on pregnancy did not consist, as lives from the beginning 90 - h years in territory of the Russian Federation illegally, being civil Republic Estonia.

Under the version of the investigation, the woman already having the juvenile child, did not wish to give birth to the second. It could not make abortion from - that it did not have a check in and insurance   the policy. On March, 3rd the woman gave birth in a toilet over a toilet bowl, thus the child has hit a head about a ceramic surface. The woman, having seen that the child is dead, has thrown out it in a cesspool where it and has been found out by a consequence. According to the conclusion it is judicial - the death of the child has come out medical research cranial - a brain trauma.

Concerning suspected the New Pokrovsk interdistrict investigatory department brings on March, 05th, 2011 criminal case to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 106 of the criminal code of Russian Federation.

Now on criminal case the necessary investigatory actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of the committed crime are spent. Preliminary investigation proceeds, have informed « in a press - service of SOU SK the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory.