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On Wednesday morning in Perm has burnt down the car

On Wednesday morning in the street Heroes of Hasana about a stop PNITI the car « has lighted up; Opel ». The girl - the driver has become puzzled and instead of firemen has called by phone 02.

As informs a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on the Perm edge, the message about   kindling has arrived the fireman already from OVD.  

having arrived into place,   ognebortsy for 2 minutes have extinguished the car. The girl - the driver has not suffered. At the car has burnt out a motor compartment and a salon part. On road from - for it state of emergency the stopper was formed.

In connection with incident, the Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on the Perm edge reminds:

- if you have got to road accident, do not waste time - type phone « 01 ». It is not necessary to remember seven-element number of the insurance company -   can be, at present you are in a state of shock from the got trauma,   In some minutes will faint, and anybody and does not learn that you have got to road accident;

- having dialled number « 01 » you inform on the site, and the dispatcher sends to you the nearest division of fire protection, and also first aid and rescue service;

- it is especially important to phone quickly « 01 » about happened road accident if you are on a line in a distance from settlements, on snow-covered Perm roads, when   each second is important;

- be assured: to you real professionals of the business to the aid follow. Modern under abnormal condition - the saving equipment will allow to take quickly the victim, and before medical assistance each fireman at school " is trained rendering of the first; medicine of accidents .