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Decoding of recorders of the plane which has broken near Belgorod

Experts has begun have started decoding black boxes broken on Saturday in the Belgorod region the Voronezh plane An - 148, tentative data will be known on Saturday, informs on Wednesday a press - service of a joint-stock aircraft constructing society (VASO).
An - 148 manufactures of Open Society VASO has suffered accident near village Garbuzovo of Alekseevsky area of the Belgorod region. In accident all six crewmen - four Russians and two citizens of Myanma were lost.  
On a wreck place airborne recorders which have sent on the Voronezh aircraft factory have been found. Three airborne recorders of broken An are already delivered to VASO - 148. For their decoding to Voronezh the Ukrainian experts who also participated in plane manufacture, and also experts Russian letno - research institute of a name of Gromova (FGUP " have arrived; LII of M.M.Gromova ).
Decoding of boxes has begun. On Wednesday experts work with the speech informant - has specified RIA News the assistant to the general director of Open Society VASO on public relations Margarita Glotova.
Farewell to crew of An - 148 will pass on Wednesday in a recreation centre of Lenin (Tsiolkovsky`s street, 18). The funeral service beginning - 11. 00.