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The vice-president of the USA Joseph Bajden will visit Russia with three-day visit

the Vice-president of the USA Joseph Bajden will visit Russia with three-day visit. It will begin tomorrow with a dinner with the American businessmen in embassy of the USA in Moscow. The American business circles lay hopes in communication   with forthcoming visit of vice-president Bajdena to Moscow. Businessmen hope on   expansion trading - economic relations between two countries. Details at our correspondent Andrey Ryabtsev .

- the godfather of reboot goes to Moscow Russian - the American relations. So name the vice-president of the USA Joseph Bajdena. This time Bajden plans to reboot trading - economic relations of two countries. The vice-president carries impressive delegation of the American businessmen to Moscow. On March, 9th Bajden is spent « a round table » with the Russian business circles in the innovative centre « Skolkovo ». The same day Bajden should meet president Dmitry Medvedev. During visit of Bajden also will hold a meeting and with prime minister Vladimir Putin. With the country leaders of Bajden will discuss a Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization problem. Cooperation in the questions connected with the North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran. To rum of that, Americans intend to enter into already till the end of this year with Moscow the agreement on antimissile defence. The American officials traditionally meet the Russian opposition. Whom exactly there will be Bajden while it is kept a secret. Besides, the American vice-president will give lecture in the Moscow State University. One of Joseph Bajdena`s main tasks – to prepare Barack Obama`s visit to Russia.