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In Bashkiria almost all physicians - women

the Majority of the population of Bashkiria are women, such data was published by employees of Bashkortostanstata. And here work from them, not all. labour the republic basis all - taki is made by men.

but there are areas which to keep at us almost completely on female shoulders.

so from workers in sphere of economy, women - 48 %. And the medicine and social services are given on 82 % by a female half of population. The education sphere on 80 % consists of the female personnel, and in trade, hostels and restaurants of women of 68 %.

the Ladies working on, in republic too it is a lot of, businessmen of a female in republic - 43 %.

In the near future the majority of posts in various fields of activity as will occupy women. Today in republic HIGH SCHOOLS are trained 97,4 thousand girls, these are 58 % of all students.

The Majority of them study on humanitarian specialities, on technical, their only 38 %, and here to be physicians, economists, teachers or managing directors wish to become from 70 to 87 % of girls sew republics.