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In Petersburg demand for demountable apartments

In the beginning of 2011 demand for demountable habitation in Petersburg falls has fallen. The role in it January feasts have played. And in itself first month of year never differed activity. But in February of expected growth of demand for rent of apartments too has not arisen. To the contrary, practically on all types of apartments there was a decrease – turns from interested persons to lodge in time habitation were not built.

- If the tenant does not accept the price, he is ready to search for other, cheaper variants, to consider instead of new habitation – secondary, - the expert of department of rent of agency of real estate tells the Novel Dubinin. – but proprietors to make concessions and reduce the prices do not want.

At the same time if the similar situation in the rent market will be saved, proprietors will be urged to concede and lower rates.

among tenants rooms in city centre and one-room apartments in new houses use the great popularity. According to realtors, one-room apartments in the Neva area in cost of 15 300 roubles in a month became leaders of demand in February. One-room apartments in Seaside, Moscow, Kalininsky and Vyborg areas are claimed. Their rent manages in 16 - 18 thousand roubles a month

How much is to rent apartment in Petersburg   (roubles a month)

1 - room apartments – from 16

2 - room apartments – from 20

3 - room apartments – from 23