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In Samara to the leader of the gang killing businessmen, jurymen have taken out an accusatory verdict

the Samara regional court finishes consideration of criminal case of the leader of a gang which throughout several years made armed assaults in different cities of province. Jurymen have taken out an accusatory verdict on this sensational case Presumably, judges will pronounce a sentence to Vladimir Lipovu till the end of current month, informs 63. ru.

we will remind, in 2004 Lipov has created a gang into which six persons have entered. On their bill 4 of the murder, two of which on the hiring, three attempts, thefts. As a result from them « activity » 30 persons have suffered nearby. In 2004 members of a gang have made armed assault on the employees of private security protecting shopping centre « the skin World » and   have stolen fur products for the sum more than 53 million roubles. In January, 2005 gangsters have killed two employees of Open Society « Factory of a name of Tarasova » also have taken away from them 30 million the roubles intended for payment of the salary.   and in completion of all in 2006, Lipov with the improvised have made custom-made murder of the general director of the oil company « ITERA - Samara » Alexander Samojlenko. The businessman have shot from the automatic machine at organisation office on Alexey Tolstoy`s street.   executors Sergey Kapranov and Vladislav Patraty in 2008 are denounced for 22,5 years and 24 years tjurmyi serve time.