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In a trading complex of Chelyabinsk and at station of the Chrysostom people

Office of Public Prosecutor together with inspectors of Gospozhnadzora can be lost has found out in the Chelyabinsk trading complex « Komsomol » the whole bouquet of infringements. Light opoveshchateli « the Exit » established on the first and second floors, conducted not on street, and in industrial and trading premises. Doors of emergency exits were closed on magnetic locks which in case of state of emergency without a special key not to open. In the covered market attached to an office building of a complex, there was no system pozharotushenija, cars parked on a cover of a well with a hydrant.

All have found an order of 40 infringements. As informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area, the complex is closed for 30 days. In this time the administration should eliminate all infringements.

And at this time in the Chrysostom have checked up railway station. Affairs there are as badly. Transport Office of Public Prosecutor will assure that in case of state of emergency at station can be a victim. The supervising body demands to eliminate all infringements.