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Prison - online: Irkutsk prisoners had an access to the Internet

Prison reform in Angarski Krai goes at full speed. In the near future our correctional facilities wait the big changes. With what they will be that plan to make at local level, the chief of regional government FSIN of Russia Andrey Kosmylin and its assistants have told.

Reform assumes to facilitate as much as possible life of criminals behind a lattice. For them already in some prisons in groups have established computer terminals through which it is possible to receive from the heads electronic consultation on all arising questions. If the answer does not arrange, it is possible to register through the terminal in personal reception and already there to receive answers to all questions.

is still trifles, - Andrey Kosmylin speaks. – We plan to type in addition staff of psychologists and social workers which will adapt prisoners for life out of a colony. The main thing that the criminals who have stayed the term have returned to a society the normal people, capable to get a job, remove habitation to register.

this year in corrective colonies there will be a cable television, electronic mail. Prisoners will have an opportunity to get a private office on the Internet and even to make a video call to relatives.

- Electronic mail will get all prisoner already in the end of March, - the chief of department of educational work with denounced Alexey Semenjuk specifies. – However, all correspondence will be preliminary looked through. And in a private office the denounced can learn, when and how much time they have the right to call native, how much it is necessary to them of parcels, short and long appointments to relatives. So we plan to raise legal literacy of the people who have appeared in places of imprisonment.

One more innovation – introduction in audio colonies - video control. In April of this year will already use electronic bracelets for those whom have denounced under house arrest. By the way, last year such denounced in area there were 126 persons, now – 96 persons. The bracelet is necessary to trace all movement « house » the prisoner, after all under the law, its freedom is essentially limited.