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Rescuers have refused to get an aerial bomb from - under houses on Kolomjazhsky

last month the builder of the house located directly opposite to metro station Pioneer, has declared in militia that under a high-rise building a thirteenth year as the bomb reposes.

it is possible, aviation, Second World War times. Together with its sand fell asleep under the base when erected the house. The worker personally saw, how it has occurred. But all these years was afraid to admit a criminal conduct, suddenly will dismiss. And now conscience has tortured (read here) more in detail.

militiamen did not have bases not to believe the man. Have found out that it it is valid then worked on building. Vzryvotehniki OMON surveyed a building: in the base the extraneous metal subject is hidden. But that it is precisely not known – can be and a bucket, and the aerial bomb can also. For building mine clearing in a city have created an emergency response centre from pravoohranitelej, rescuers and builders.

- Anyway metal object we will get from - under the base, - participants of an emergency response centre have assured. – let even it will appear a bucket. Not to inflate a panic.

As has shown time, with loud statements they have hastened.

the Ministry of Emergency Measures: the Bomb? Not a problem!

- the Emergency response centre has decided that before beginning operation on building mine clearing, experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures should survey an apartment house once again, - have told in the company which have constructed the house. – till now for them we wait. We are from its part ready to give projects of a building and the necessary documentation.

- We are not engaged in carrying out sapernyh and vzryvotehnicheskih works, - continue to repeat in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Petersburg. – while no preconditions are present to erect it in an emergency situation rank. The house has staid so much years, and no problems existing.

Experts in explosive works of optimism of rescuers on - former do not divide.

- Near Petersburg often find shells of times of the Great Patriotic War, - the professor of stand of Technology, the organisation and economy of building of polytechnical institute Victor Borovikov argues. - That a bomb if it really bomb, has not blown up at transportation on building, still about what does not speak. Detonate a shell can from a strong push or displacement. Uncontrollable explosion of a bomb in ton in weight will be enough to bring down such apartment house.