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The inhabitant of Murmansk area have arrested for non-payment 100 - the rouble penalty

the Inhabitant of a military camp Gadzhievo sometimes loved « to put for a collar » and to walk on native streets. For as once has been involved in administrative responsibility under the decision of the world judge of a judicial site 2 BUT Aleksandrovsk. The penalty to it has been put under item 20. 21 KoAP of the Russian Federation « Occurrence in public places in a drunken state » and it was necessary to pay only hundred roubles. But the debtor in the put term of it has not made.
- the Court enforcement officer - executor Gadzhievo concerning the debtor had been made the report on the administrative offence, provided p.1 item 20. 25 KoAP of the Russian Federation « Non-payment of the administrative penalty or autocratic ostavlenie places of serving of administrative arrest » - have told in a press - service UFSSP of Russia on Murmansk area.
And under this article if the person does not pay the penalty in time its size increase twice or the debtor subject to administrative arrest for the term up to fifteen days. The situation with the idler - gadzhievtsom was considered by the world judge and has passed the decision that the debtor will spend under arrest three days.