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From Libya to Egypt the plane for the VIP has arrived - persons

In Egypt the plane, presumably with the Libyan leader Muamarom Kaddafi being onboard has landed. As our correspondent informs the liner intended usually for flights the VIP - persons, has crossed   air space of Greece and villages in Cairo. However the exact information on, a leah there could be Kaddafi or someone from members of his family in the plane while is not present. From the middle of February in Libya protest actions with the requirement of leaving of Kaddafi correcting in the country more of 40 years proceed. The authorities cruelly stifle demonstrations. According to the international organisations, in collisions with a safety force and foreign mercenaries were lost to six thousand persons. Our correspondent Alexander Kots by phone from Libya about a possible finding of Muamara Kaddfi and information war against a mode of the leader of revolution.

Muamar Kaddafi has once again accused the western mass-media of information distortion
the special correspondent " Tells; Alexander Kots

- In the Tripoli journalists of all world mass-media have stayed in a hall of the hostel in expectation of the statement of the colonel, has stayed about 8 hours because yesterday late at night it has passed in this hostel, but left only in the morning. As it has appeared, he wrote down all this night the reference for the Libyan mass-media. He has once again told, is not going what anywhere to run, anywhere is not going to leave, has told that this all intrigues of the West which want to take hold of the Libyan oil. Also he has accused the western mass-media of distortion of the information which they submit from East Libya. Actually, we were witnesses as this information is deformed. The matter is that yesterday messages that almost the city of Roslanof all day long was exposed to rocket attacks all the day long came, we yesterday half-day have spent in this city. We have arrived after unique blow which has been put really on peace quarters of a city from which already all local residents for a long time have escaped and now these quarters are occupied by the armed insurgents …. When in the evening yesterday we have returned from Roslanofa, to me has suddenly fallen SMS - as that Al Dzhazira informs on two blown up hotels in Bengasi where journalists live. I have included Al - Dzhaziru, have really seen pair of photos with the broken glasses of hotel, we have there and then communicated, have there and then gone to this hotel, and it has appeared that no explosions there existing, simply any hooligans have broken a show-window hostel and this photo has been shown on Al - Dzhazire and is given out for blasting of hotel with journalists.