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Syktyvkartsy will see a focus Point


In the National museum of Komi the exhibition « on March, 12th opens; a focus Point » in frameworks the project « the Museum attic ».

This exhibition focuses attention of visitors to the most usual things under an unusual point of view which belongs to Syktyvkar photographer Oleg Isakovu. Visitors of an exhibition will plunge into all variety of the world which they see every day, but do not notice it.

the Unusual colour scale allows to open that idea, and, probably even, and a problem which is concluded in each photo. And also to try to understand original outlook of the photographer, which, in literal sense, « overturns » the world reflected in a pool, usual road transforms into a fantastic snow kingdom where there lives the princess, « a flu epidemic » muruet in a protective mask also passes all chaos created at it inside.

Together with the photographer visitors will visit on a roof melkombinata, learn that in Syktyvkar in the street Morozova too was the Venice, learn about life and movement in air unusual trejserov, engaged parkurom, will get acquainted with the girl concluded in a concrete box.

All photos presented at an exhibition, are unique on the structure and can « to live » independent life not only in an electronic variant, but also on walls of houses.