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In Petersburg the militiaman and businessmen is involved for weapons smuggling

In Petersburg with Severo - Western investigatory managements on transport were caught on crimes of businessmen Sergey Tatarintseva and Sergey Kondratyev and the major of the Novgorod Department of Internal Affairs Oleg Budina which were in collusion since 2006.

the Militiaman worked in organisation department litsenzionno - allowing work and was very useful to businessmen. Budin gave them lists of owners of fire hunting guns and made out weapon import licences under lime statements. And after businessmen by means of customs officers illegally imported trunks, a companion the major as illegally made out them and gave out permissions to the right of storage and carrying.

Under the version of the investigation, Kondratyev was engaged in documentary work, and went there - back through border Tatarintsev. In May, 2007, for example, it has brought carbine RUGER and four hundred cartridges. Through the hunting shop it have sold novgorodtsu.

- There are proofs about fifteen similar cases of illegal import of expensive import guns to Russia with use of false documents, - have informed in Severo - Western investigatory upravleni on transport SK. - Concerning the employees of the Vyborg customs helping contraband, criminal case is allocated in separate manufacture.