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The Ulyanovsk militiaman is accused of abduction of the businessman

to the Former officer of militia Vasily Petrov (the name is changed) threatens till four years of imprisonment for excess of powers of office and office forgery. One of these days business about a loud crime has been passed in court.

- To accused two businessmen with the unusual request &ndash were converted; « to close » for days of the person, - the senior assistant to the prosecutor of the region Vasily Zima has told. – they have stolen 29 - the summer businessman, and, threatening with a pistol, have taken out it to wood around the New city where have beaten and have demanded to pass them of 300 thousand roubles. It ostensibly owed this money to them for realisation of party of the forbidden smoking mix – « a spice ». When the businessman has refused, malefactors have decided to hide for a while it in branch at the familiar militiaman, counting that in militia will precisely not search. The guard has made the false report on an administrative offence according to which the businessman, ostensibly, has been detained in a state of intoxication on Guy`s prospectus.

As a result the unfortunate has been urged to spend night in the chamber Railway ROVD. Next morning the militiaman « has passed » stolen to extortioners who have demanded money from his mother. Having agreed « for the sake of appearances » the woman has found out from thieves where they hold her son. Soon the militian special troops there have appeared suddenly. Both have been caught red-handed, at examination in them have found out « a spice ». Then the turn and « has come; the werewolf in epaulets ».