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Want to speak fluently in a foreign language?

want to go abroad or to communicate with foreign colleagues and partners?  

Learn foreign languages!  
It at all advice. This rule! In the modern world without knowledge at least one foreign language successful to be extremely problematic. Whether it be ordinary life, work or travel, correspondence on the Internet or simply viewing of a film – the foreign language everywhere is irreplaceable. And it to you will tell any who at least time met difficulties in understanding of a foreign language and foreign culture as a whole. Take the first step to the confident future already now! Register in courses of foreign languages in the International Center of Foreign languages ILTC.
That such ILTC?
ILTC —   He/she is the leader in teaching of foreign languages in Moldova
LTC – these are 16 years of successful experience in the market of training to foreign languages.  
ILTC — it is the educational centre for all who wants to reach the best results in mastering by foreign languages.  
ILTC – it is the centre of foreign languages which annually successfully finishes more than 5000 persons.  
Besides, ILTC – this training by a unique modern technique which allows to learn language once and for all in the shortest possible time! Unique technique ILTC proves 16 years the efficiency. Any cramming! Simple and effective system! Logic instead of hundreds rules! It is a technique which WORKS!
ILTC – it is school of foreign languages the course in which will take away a minimum of your time. For example: the semestre in ILTC lasts only 2 months! We do not save on quality of our services for the sake of time! The accelerated program of training – this consequence of an effective technique about which it was told earlier. We save your precious time, giving knowledge on all life!
you can go to study foreign languages anywhere, whether it be: courses of foreign languages at institute of foreign languages, or the usual private tutor from the next house. But anywhere to you will not give a guarantee of that for the money paid by you you will reach desirable result! Anywhere, except ILTC!  
Whatever language you have chosen, we accurately put those purposes of the training program which will be reached in the taken away term. You can be always assured of the education, trusting it ILTC!
We bring to your attention five foreign languages, and also Russian and Romanian languages. Besides, there are effective programs of preparation for the international examinations.  
Search where to give the child to learn English – you to the address! ILTC offers interesting and effective foreign courses for children!  
Moreover, at us special programs for corporate clients and special programs « are provided; English language for career ». More than 20 professional programs for various specialities and expertise areas! From bank employees to physicians – you with ease will find the program for!
ILTC – it is convenient! If you do not have time or possibility to come to us, we with ease will send to you our teacher. Therefore our lessons will pass then and there, where to conveniently you!  
to register in group ILTC, it is necessary for you:
to Call   by phone 29 29 88/ 079 88 29 88 and to register in testing
to Pass the written test and oral interview:   4 — on March, 5th
to Inform time of employment convenient for you, the training purpose
to Register in group
to Come on employment 9 — on March, 10th
We wait for you!